The East Village of Calgary Alberta

East Village, one of the oldest communities in Calgary, is a booming neighborhood that is rich with residential, commercial, and industrial activity. A master plan was created for this neighborhood that includes redesigning and remodeling of infrastructures and keeping up with the latest architectural designs. Projects came after that and after years of growing and improving, this community has now flourished and is full of beautiful parks, buildings, bridges, and homes. 

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Heritage buildings are a sight to see in the East Village as it tells the history and richness of the community. The heart of the community and one of the heritage buildings of East Village is the Simmons Building which was originally a mattress factory and is now turned into a food place. If you are to visit this community you can stay at one of their oldest operating hotels called The King Edward Hotel which was made into a musical landmark and was given the title “Home of the Blues”. This hotel was taken apart in 2013 and was rebuilt from scratch. The St. Louis Hotel is also one of the oldest hotels in this community that is now turned into a commercial space.

East Village Community, Calgary Alberta

The connection of the East Village to Downtown Calgary is symbolized by the opening of the George C. King bridge which was originally known as St. Patrick’s bridge. It gave quick access to Downtown Calgary and St. Patrick’s Island which is also known as the backyard playground of East Village. This 31-acre backyard island has opened its doors since 2015. Families, travelers, and nature lovers are taken aback by the beauty of landscape that provides a calm and tranquil environment for everyone who wants and needs to relax. This community is rich in arts and culture and the Central Library and Studio Bell are two of the famous places you need to check out for that. Studio Bell holds concerts, an After-School Jam club for kids, and an artist-in-residence program for aspiring artists who want to improve their work. Murals in underpasses, plazas, and walls are a common sight of art form in this creative community.

East village also provides a better route called Elbow River Traverse for runners and cyclists alike who want to avoid the busy path of Inglewood bridge. This route connects the East Village to communities like Ramsay and Inglewood. There are also cycle lanes and pedestrian lanes along Bow River where runners and cyclists can go and exercise. You can find the smallest urban park called 5th Street Square at 7 Avenue and 5 Street SE. You can unwind and hang out with your friends and/or family in this small park. A gathering at the East Village Music Pavilion is worth the experience. You can enjoy the beautiful music while looking at the scenic background provided by the Bow River and George C. King bridge. It is near the popular RiverWalk. 

As of today, there are only around 4,000 people residing in the East village but when the plan is finished, an estimated 11,500 people will be residing here. It will be filled with new trendy cafes, shops, restaurants, and boutiques. Businesses will start to boom and job seekers will be provided with a lot of job openings to fill in. The master plan of this neighborhood is promising and we cannot wait for its final product. 

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